A Bit About Us

Our distillery was born back in 2009 in a refurbished warehouse in Cashmere, a town of 3,000 people and roughly two hours east of Seattle, WA.


The first spirit that It's 5 produced was pisco (usually found in Chile and Peru), a high-proof brandy made by distilling fermented wine that was curated from all over Washington state.  Moonshine and fruit brandies soon followed. Our northwest dry gin, produced for the past seven years, has become an award winning best seller.

As a handcrafted, small batch artisanal distillery, we pride ourselves on using as much local fruit and grain as possible.  The seasonal fruit that Wenatchee Valley is known for, such as apples, apricots and pears become something extra special in our liqueurs and full line of fruit brandies. A newer release, grappa, was a natural addition to our lineup.  We're loving the no-waste aspect of grappa, as the ingredients are distilled from local winemakers' leftover grape skins and seeds which are the most flavorful and aromatic parts of the grape.

Stop by Seaside, say hello and try out some of our new products...we love to share!

Colin Levi

Mark Krowiak

Owner / CEO


Colin and Carol Levi founded It's 5 Distillery in 2009.  Colin is the master distiller and creative mind behind all of the unique flavors of It's 5.  Carol maintains all of the company's finances, not to mention she has a fun family history in the "distilling industry"

Mark Krowiak

Owner / President

Mark has a passion for all things fermented.  He started out making his own sauerkraut, kombucha and brewing his own all-grain beer.  Bringing with him an extensive business background, he has joined forces with Colin for his next step into the world of distilling.